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Private 2 Acre Wooded Lots w/ Water Views & Gated Entry
3 Waterloo & Portland Edmond OK

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Ultra private wooded 2 acre lots with amazing water views. As you drive past the private gates and stack stone columns you enter a wooded park like setting with running waterfall. There are a total of 2 lots at $150,000 per lot. Each lot consists of approximately 2 acres. Lot number one is more open that backs up to pond on east side of drive. Lot 2 is more private with heavily wooded area that sits behind waterfall. This very private area was developed for a total of only FOUR families. Two properties are currently being finished. One is an Ultra Modern home that will have an infinity edge pool. The other home is a 6,000 modern "Restoration Hardware" farm home. Each resident can equal access to the land (around 20 acres), creeks, trails, ponds, etc. There is tons of wild life (ducks, geese, birds, deer, etc) all over the property. This is the best hidden secret in Edmond and only available to two more families. Enjoy the look and feel of Colorado right here in Oklahoma. Minimum square feet needs to be at least 3,000. HOA to be assessed. Roads will be paved after all construction is complete on all 4 homes. Contact Wyatt Poindexter with Keller Williams Elite at 405-417-5466. Visit property website at www.WestWaterloo.com. Full video coming soon.

Gated, Deer Creek, Acres, Lot, Waterfront, Pond, Lake

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